The Brewing Process Unveiled

To learn more about the brewing process and the system we employ to create unique tasting beers, click on the beers below for an explanation of each step. Beer enthusiasts can get an overview of our production through the pictures of the equipment and layout of the brewery. To fully appreciate the art of brewing, come and visit us in Nha Trang to personally sample some of the best beers in Vietnam.

Louisiane Brewhouse uses only the finest quality ingredients to formulate our beers. Quality assured under the ISO 9000/9001 standard system, our malt and hops are selected from the most recent harvest, and imported directly from the country of origin. Carefully stored under climatically controlled conditions, these materials continue to deliver fresh flavours and aromas as if the beer was brewed directly at their source. A tribute must be paid to Joe White Maltings of Australia, and New Zealand Hops Ltd for their supply of premium material.

The brewing process begins with the malted barley being passed through a number of rollers to crack the kernels of the grain and allow access to the extract inside. Enzymes begin to degrade the protein and starch to simple sugars which the yeast requires to ferment into alcohol. Different coloured malted barleys are used to give the beer its unique colour and flavour.

The crushed barley is mixed with hot water in the “mash tun”. Here the temperature is controlled to provide the right environment for the enzymes to convert with malt into sugar. The temperature is raised from 50 degrees C step by step through to 78 degrees C when the conversion process is complete. The water is specially treated to be the same as water from breweries around the world where the beer flavour is unique.

The mash is transferred to the Lauter tun, where the liquid extract is separated from the barley husks to give a clear “wort”. The wort is recirculated until the grain forms a natural filter bed. Then the clear extract is removed back to the kettle. Hot water is sprinkled on top of the grain bed to leach out any remaining sugar. After draining, the spent grain is removed and can be used as supplementary feed for cattle.

The clarified “wort” is brought to boiling temperature in the kettle. Here the hops are added to give the beer its unique aroma and bitterness flavour. The wort boil continues for one hour after the hops have been added to sterilize the wort and increase the colour.

After boiling, the “hopped wort” is transferred to the whirlpool, which further clarifies the liquid, but removing the sediment from the hops by centrifugation. After 15 minutes the clarified wort is drawn off the side of the vessel, leaving the sediment behind in the centre.

The wort cooler cools down the wort extract to fermentation temperature by heat exchange with cold water. The wort is cooled to around 12 degrees C as it passes through the heat exchange, oxygen is added to the wort after it is cooled to promote growth of the yeast.

The fermentation tanks hold the cooled wort extract, and the yeast is added (pitched) into the brew. After 12 hours fermentation begins, and will proceed for 4 to 7 days until all the sugar is converted into alcohol. The temperature of the fermentation tanks is controlled to the optimum temperature for yeast growth. After fermentation, the yeast is harvested from the bottom of the fermentation tanks, to use for the next fermentation.

Here the beer is further clarified prior to transfer to the serving tanks. The yeast is removed in the beer filter, and the alcohol adjusted to 5.0% to enhance the beer flavour. The beer after this stage is known as “bright beer” and is ready for serving through the beer taps at the bar.

After 4 long weeks, the beer is ready for consumption. Our brewers are fanatical about the quality and the presentation of the final product, and spend many hours of quality control, ensuring that it is absolutely perfect. There is an ancient Czech proverb that states “…you can judge a beer with only one sip…, but it is better to be thoroughly sure!”

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