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Lousiane Brewhouse first began pouring beer after the wet season in 2006. The 500 litre Huppman brewhouse from Germany was joined with 10 locally made fermentation tanks, and began producing local Pilsener and Dark Lager right here on the beach.


A decade, 14 more fermentation tanks, several typhoons and many thousands of litres later, this beer list has grown to include a Belgian Witbier, and a variety of seasonal brews that showcase the skill of the Lousiane Brewers in delivering consistently excellent beer for our regulars and visitors. The team has grown to 5 brewery staff, brewing nearly every day to keep up with demand for our beers, all trained in house under the guidance of the master brewer and the original team from when the brewery was first built.


We continue to import the best malt and hops to make our brews and could be considered the first craft brewery in Vietnam to showcase a diverse range of ales and lagers from around the world. Enjoy a glass or two (or three) against the stunning backdrop of Nha Trang beach.

Cheers and regards, 
Sean Symons, Brew Master

Swimming Pool

7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Our pool is free of charge and is perfect spot to relax while sipping a glass of cold brew or snacking the delicious food prepared at Lousiane.

Sun Beds

while you ARE enjoying the sunbathing or relaxing in the pool, Our attentive staff Will serve you Drinks and Meals right At your Sun bed .

Live Music

We are hosting live bands every Friday and Saturday, starting 8:30 pm from popular local musicians. Featuring a wide range of popular music styles like Latin American, Pop, Mainstream, Rock and Blues.

Gift Shop

Visit our gift shop for the variety of unique souvenirs, T-shirts and more!

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